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Konrad Türst: De situ confoederatorum descriptio [1495/97] ICHC2007 22nd International Conference on the History of Cartography, Berne, July 8-13, 2007 22. Internationale Konferenz zur Geschichte der Kartographie, Bern, 8.-13. Juli 2007 22e Congrès International de l'Histoire de la Cartographie, Berne, 8-13 juillet 2007 Logo ICHC2007

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9.1  Before the Conference
9.2  Conference Week
Conference Programme   (as of July 14, 2007)
(final version)
Complete abstracts volume   (224 pages, PDF 3.95 MB)
(a printed copy was enclosed in the conference bag)
July 7, 2007     Morning     Registration for ISCEM and ICA meetings
Saturday     09:30-12:00     ISCEM meeting
    14:00-17:00     ICA meeting
    15:00-17:00     Registration at the registration desk
July 8, 2007     From 10:00     Registration at the registration desk
Sunday     13:30     Opening ceremony
    All day     Sessions
    From 18:00     Welcome reception
July 9, 2007     From 8:00     Registration desk open
Monday     All day     Sessions
    Morning     Old town of Berne (accompanying persons)
    Evening     Reception by the City of Berne
July 10, 2007     From 8:00     Registration desk open
Tuesday     Morning     Poster session
    Morning     Gurten (accompanying persons)
    Afternoon     Sessions
    Evening     Exhibition opening
July 11, 2007     From 8:00     Registration desk open
Wednesday     All day     Sessions
    Afternoon     Murten (accompanying persons)
    Evening     Meeting of the Board of Directors of Imago Mundi Ltd
July 12, 2007     From 8:00     Registration desk open
Thursday     All day     Sessions
    All day     Museum visits in Berne (accompanying persons)
    Evening     Exhibition opening
July 13, 2007     From 8:00     Registration desk open
Friday     Morning     Sessions
    Afternoon     Closing ceremony
    16:30     Start for the farewell dinner
July 14, 2007     8:30     Start for the one-day post-conference tour:
Saturday         Basel
July 15, 2007     8:00     Start for the three-day post-conference tour:
Sunday         Berne - Lucerne
        (overnight stay on Mt. Rigi)
July 16, 2007         Three-day post-conference tour (continued):
Monday         Glarus (overnight stay in Appenzell)
July 17, 2007         Three-day post-conference tour (continued):
Tuesday         Saint-Gall - Zurich - Berne
9.3  After the Conference

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